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Benefits of McAllen Public Adjusters

McAllen Public Adjusters versus Insurance Company Adjusters

One of the most common questions we receive about our services has to do with the difference between public adjusters and insurance company adjusters. McAllen public adjusters are licensed insurance adjusters that serve policyholders rather than insurance companies while insurance company adjusters are licensed insurance adjusters who serve insurance companies. Just as two people getting divorced would each retain their own divorce attorneys, many policyholders opt to retain their own insurance adjuster. Doing so ensures that the policyholder's best interests are being looked after.

Retaining a McAllen public adjuster can also ease your workload. Filling out insurance forms, documenting losses, getting estimates, and disputing the final settlement all take time, energy, and an in-depth knowledge of the insurance claims process. If you'd rather not handles all of this on your own, having a public adjuster take over may be the best choice for your peace of mind.

In addition, public adjusters in McAllen may also be able to increase your insurance company's final settlement offer. With thorough damage assessments, extensive supporting documentation, accurate claims forms, and real world estimates, it's likely that a public adjuster can prove to your insurance company that the losses did occur and that they should be compensated at the stated amount.

If less work, less stress, and more money sound good to you, request a free insurance claim review and find out how we can help!