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Why should I get my own insurance adjuster? Isn't that just another expense?

If you want to make sure that your interests are being considered throughout the claim process, having your own insurance adjuster is a must. The insurance company adjuster may help you with your claim – to a point. It's really up to you to provide the adjuster with complete inventories of your losses; it's not the adjuster's job to prove your losses. A public adjuster helps you with all aspects of the claim, including proving your losses. As far as the expense goes, public adjusters in Texas cannot charge upfront fees and are paid a small percentage of the final settlement after a settlement has been reached.

Which insurance companies do you work with?

We don't work for insurance companies – we work for policyholders. That said, we work with policyholders insured by a variety of insurance companies. No matter who you're insured with, we can help you!

How can you increase my claim?

We may be able to increase your claim by making sure that all of your losses are accounted for, documented, supported, and estimated properly.

How do you prove my losses?

We prove losses in several ways depending on the type of the claim. One of our most important tools is a digital camera. We take extensive photos to prove the event took place and the damage it caused.

How do you estimate my losses?

We use industry knowledge, state-of-the-art estimating software, local construction costs, and other important factors to come up with accurate, "real world" estimates.